Catching Up

I word of explanation for the long silence, and this sudden flood of posts.

Okay, so there actually isn’t a good excuse. Everything that I just dumped on Twilight I wrote at some time previously, and posted elsewhere and could have, should have, posted here sooner. It should have also been posted here because I know some people only check this blog (or, as the case may be, are e-mailed the posts on this blog). It would have been very easy for me to post the entires to this blog back when I wrote them. My only excuse is that my head isn’t screwed on straight, and whenever I wrote something it was usually in the mode of “write-and-run” and I always thought “I’ll post that to Twilight tomorrow” or some such, and of course when tomorrow came something else was on my plate.

. . . So a big backlog of posts built up. As this is the beginning of a new year, I decided to try to catch up on things and summarily sat down and posted everything at once. You, of course, do not have to read them all in one sitting.

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